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  • Allyson says:

    This book was a real eye-opener, and it changed my financial condition for the better. Thanks, Myron!

  • Gregg Scott says:

    The Trash Man to the Cash Man is a great book. It outlines principles that my wife and I have been applying to our lives and getting results. It has inspired us to pursue the success we desire.

    Gregg and Lenika Scott

  • With all the gloom and doom talked about our economy, The Trash man to the Cash man is the perfect book to help change your mind set about money. You will learn amazing principals that are not taught in school to give you the upper hand to empower and improve your family financial well-being.

  • From The Trash Man To The Cash Man is a phenominal book. What’s so great about it is it just makes sense.

    I teach these principles to my clients & my students, and I have given copies of this book as gifts.

    KimAlyse Popkave

  • Marvin Nixon says:

    Because of this book my wife and I have a new out look on our future. We have learned so many principles that has helped us. We believe so much in this book and have recommended many copies to friends and family.

    Marvin and Syreeta Nixon

  • Myron, your book, The Trash Man to the Cash Mn, was the first book I read on self-improvment and professional development. I have read close to two-hundred more books since then on similar topics, and I firmly believe that you offer the best value for someone starting at ground zero. The Trash Man to the Cash Man is a must read.

  • Myla Everett says:

    When I attended Six Figure Business School I read your book. At that time I was not sure what led me to the program, but since then my life has changed tremendously. The class filled a need in my preparation for where I am today. The book made so much sense then, and now that I can live it, I fully understand the principles. I also brought the book home to my son who now has a good foundation for his financial success.

    Myla Everett

  • This book is a true success story, Very inspirational.
    En Masse LLC

  • Chiara says:

    FANTASTIC book Myron! Thank you for sharing your amazing story, experinece & knowledge with the world. You make a difference!
    Rich blessings,
    Chiara LaRizza

  • Maria Husbands says:

    From The Trash Man To The Cash Man has encouraged me a great deal. I now have the drive to go ahead and take the steps I need toward a better life. Thank you.

  • Misty Ward says:

    I actually read The Trash Man to the Cash Man in 1 day & I am not the type of person who enjoyed reading but this book was such an easy read & it had so many nuggets that I couldn’t put it down! Myron doesn’t hold anything back, he gives you all the information you need to succeed in this amazing book. I believe anyone looking to transform your mindset from being employed to being an entrepreneur must read this book. Once you read this book you absolutely must take advantage of the 2 free tickets to attend his 6 Figure Business School, this is priceless:)

    Misty Ward

  • I decided to pick up my copy and as I thumbed through it again, I was reminded of all the unique material that you shared. The many money traps that define so many people is so helpful and keeps me centered on the direction that I want for my life. Thanks. I have enjoyed so many of your products and have benefited so much as a result. Thanks for being willing to share you insights and experiences with so many of us. You are a true leader and role model as you lead by precept and example. Be Blessed and keep up the great deeds.

  • From The Trash Man To The Cash Man is one of my all-time favorite books. I make sure that I read it often and I also suggest it to my team members and my database on a regular basis. Make sure you get yourself a copy of this fantastic book that is continuously helping to change lives all over the world.

    Preston Scott
    Network Marketing BO$$

  • Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  • mack says:

    This book will not only open your mind but your heart. This book takes you places you have never been before. Some of the things it offers you just cant believe. The funny thing is even though you might have heard them before you will finally get it.

    You will understand and open your mind to a place no one told you exist, so if you are reading this comment go get the book. I am sorry dont get the book get a lot of copys of the book and share it with your love ones because they need to read this book.

  • Robson & Eliane Domingos says:

    This awesome book has made an impact on me and my wife, and for sure it will make on others as well, You just have to get a copy of this book and appreciate the value that it will bring for you and your family in today’s economy. Mr. Myron went from The Trash Man to The Cash Man by using and sharing the principles that have created for him and his family the life of wealth and prosperity. So my moral obligation is to inform you that this principles that contains in this awesome book, have and it is changing my life and the lives of my two wonderful children Christian and Brandon as well. Thank you Mr. Myron Golden.

  • Nkechi Taifa says:

    Myron’s book shows step by step how to change one’s programming from a poverty mentality to a prosperity mentality. He demonstrates the recipe for success; awakens the entrepreneurial spirit; and flips the script of limitation that we have been brainwashed with to one of infinite abundance.

  • B. T. Cooper says:

    I am absolutely amazed by the simple and powerful revelations in this book. For some reason I have developed a lot of limiting beliefs like “I can’t start a business,” but this book “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man” has opened my eyes to not only begin to change my thinking, but to also empower me to act on my new-found knowledge. I am truly looking forward to finding, starting, and growing my business that will enable me to live freely! Thank you, Mr. Golden.



  • Darren Utke says:

    Hi Myron :) been a while my friend.

    This Message is for Everyone on this site right now!

    You Owe it to yourself and your family to get Myron’s Book From the Trash Man to the Cash Man. I personally have read and implimented the strategies in my life and business and am reaping the rewards.
    Also if you haven’t attended Myron’s Six Figure Business School yet, you will get two free tickets and I recommend you use them right away where ever you can!


    Darren Utke Aka “The Real Deal” Mentor

  • Krystal J says:

    I have read the book and it opened my eyes about my money. I learned valuable principles that I needed to move forward. Thanks Myron and it was great meeting you.

  • Tracie says:

    I highly recommend this wonderful book. It was any easy read but yet it requires careful thought and a total mind-shift. The concepts that are shared are life changing. Six Figure Business school is also a must. If Myron comes anywhere near you, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the greats!

    Tracie Davis
    “Giving You The Tools To Design Your Life”

  • I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information -”‘

  • Jason says:

    I highly recommend this book! If you want to get rich you will work on yourself more than you do your businesses, This book along with Mryon’s other audio cd’s has taught me how to propel my business into a whole new demension!! Get this book and get paid!! LETS GO!!

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  • Sam Parker says:

    Your book Trashman to the Cashman is a must read. When anyone is look for change in there life. Change begins with ACTION. Success is opening the your mind . This book will help start that journey .
    Myron is one of the premier speaker ,trainer and authors out there. Fine where he is speaking and be there you owe it to your self.

    Sam Parker
    Success begins by beginning. And it continues with consistent action.

  • james says:

    Enjoyed your show with Brian today….thinking about using it for my “new” alarm clock!!…lol

    Thank you and can’t wait to see your video!


  • Jon Lunger says:

    I’ve read a great deal of books dealing with the subject of prosperity and creating wealth. This book ” From the Trashman to the Cashman” is by leaps and bounds the most clearly laid out, easy to understand, and most importantly easiest to implement of any of them. I’ll be sharing copies with my key leaders, thank you Myron for helping eliminate poverty and the poverty mindset!

  • Trash Man to the Cash Man is a MUST Read for anyone looking to take control of their finances! Not only is the content SUPERB, but it is laid out in an easy to use and understandable format. Myron discusses financial principles that you can start implementing TODAY with results, because if you are not using these principles and strategies then somone is using them AGAINST YOU!

    A LIFETIME Guarantee is unheard of but leave it to Mr. Golden to do the unthinkable and offer one if for ANY reason you are not satisfied with his publication. And the Bonuses….I’m not even going to mention so go ahead and pick up your copy and READ the BOOK! Thanks some MILLIONS Myron…!!!!

    Jacque T. Morris
    The Relentless Marketer

  • Cordel James says:

    looking for a bulk deal on your book to order for my team

  • I have gone to more than one Six Figure Business School. At first you may think that you could not possibly learn to EARN 6 Figures by only attending this school, but, I must say, continually go to more and more training. The more you GO, the MORE YOU GROW! I can literally say that I have increased my wealth in less than 1 year from the time I attended my 1st Six Figure Business School to TODAY! I am thankful for all the people I met along my journey towards success! At the end of the day, SUCCESS is YOURS if we all remained FOCUSed on our GOALS … both short term and LONG term.

  • Todd Cheek says:

    The first time I heard the name of Myron Golden was on a Sirius XM radio talk show and from that moment I had to find out who this man was. I immediately contacted Myron and he called me back. Now, that was really cool.

    Everybody, please listen.. The Trash Man to the Cash Man is a must read for anyone who is truly seeking financial freedom. Myron has done an outstanding job for the education about how money works and he gives powerful strategies for building wealth, keeping wealth and how to develop systems for creating a residual asset. I’ve bought books for $50 that didn’t offer a quarter of the knowledge that Myron offers in his book.

    Thanks again..
    Todd C

  • JCandy Douglas says:

    Today, I just finished NeUventure Seminar I and I’m excited to report that I learned more from Myron Goldon about the history and future of wealth than I ever learned from any of the many levels of schools that I’ve attend to include the nearly 21 years of US Military service. I’m looking forward to appling the Systems that he taught to creating wealth like the “big boys” do it. I’ve order Myron’s book Trash Man to Cash Man and can’t wait for it to be shipped so I can get started reading and applying the principals that I know are forcoming. Myron, thanks for the $100 bill as well as the wealth of knowledge that has changed my life–Bless you Brother!

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